Production Services

220618_ExploreTalent_s-Helpful-Tips-for-Young-FilmmakersWhen you’re organising a shoot from abroad, the last thing you want to deal with are language barriers! That’s why we have a wide network of English-speaking fixers spread throughout Europe. With their local lingo and connections, they’ll seek out the best deals, navigate any annoying bureaucracy, fill out the appropriate filming permits, and find the right talent to make your shoot smooth-sailing.

Our production services team will sort out the catering, transport and accommodation – so you don’t have to worry about a thing! And not only do we have the logistics covered, but we’ll staff your production with our highly talented crew members, making sure we match their skills to your exact needs.


Finding the perfect location doesn’t have to be mission-impossible. Just describe what backdrop and atmosphere you’re after and our trusty location scouts will hunt out a few possibilities, capture the environment on a Flip Video Camera and email you the footage for your approval.

Check out our Location Guide for profiles on some of the European cities we’ve filmed in. With such diverse culture, architecture and landscape in Europe, you’re spoilt for location choice!

 SNG and OB Trucks

When it comes to live broadcasts, we know the importance of getting it right the first time. We understand there is no room for technical hitches or human error.

We can organise SNG and OB trucks for live broadcasts anywhere in Europe.

Satellite uplinks, downlinks and playouts from any location – just say the word and we’ll sort it.

From planned conferences and sports events to breaking news, we’ll arrange quality equipment and experienced operators that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Live reports, interviews, game-shows, conferences and concerts – if you’re after live action, we’ll make it happen. We’ll give you the best-take first off, because sometimes there’s no such thing as take-two.

Legal Videography

We have built up a strong reputation as leaders in Legal Videography. We have been working in this specialised field for over 10 years and we know it requires the highest degree of professionalism.

Our Legal Videographers are American-trained and totally familiar with the atmosphere and protocol of depositions hearings. They are committed to the Rules of Procedure in all reporting jurisdictions.

We are your trusted contacts for legal proceedings taking place anywhere in Europe. Our crews’ communication skills won’t let you down – we have native English speakers so nothing get’s lost in translation!

We shoot legal depositions in NTSC according to US specs and Federal rules.

The recording will be delivered promptly, stamped with time and date, in the format of your choice (e.g. Mini DV, DVD, Video-Text synchronized). And we take care to make sure all footage is playable on American devices.

We use high quality lavaliere microphones and a 6 channel sound-mixer to ensure voices are heard clearly and background noise is minimised.

We even come equipped with neutral backdrops for a consistent and clean appearance.


Whether the people being filmed are seasoned broadcasters or nervous camera-phobics, using a teleprompter is a simple way to get the best out of your talent.

Our state of the art ProLine Series Teleprompter supports any camera type and is readable to about 27 feet. It connects to either a Mac or PC and is operated by one of our experienced technicians.

Why use a teleprompter?

Corporate Films: Busy executives don’t usually have time to learn lines or speeches off by heart. Using a teleprompter allows them to look directly into the camera and smoothly deliver their key points, without it being obvious that they’re reading.

Live Entertainment: Even professional entertainers sometimes have the dreaded experience of stage-fright – a teleprompter is the perfect security blanket to put everyone at ease, should a mind-blank occur.

Live Broadcasts: Broadcasting from the field doesn’t have to be without the comforts of the studio. Renting a teleprompter for live ‘on location’ news reports can save hours of memorizing and rehearsing and eliminate awkward glances at scripts.